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The Towing Service

Towing Industry History

The towing industry is important enough to have its own museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee called the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum. The name Ernest Holmes, Sr. of Chattanooga is considered the founder of the towing service dating back to 1916. After many revisions, Ernest Holmes, Sr. had secured a patient in 1919.


Mr. Holmes began selling wreckers which were built on the back of used cars during this era. His patents and his first production model is displayed at the museum. Chattanooga is considered the towing and recovery capital of the world.


The Future of Towing

The towing service is a $6 billion industry with a growth rate that is in doubt. The reason for a possible decrease is the more efficient cars that are being manufactured. The new car industry is designing them to break down less and require servicing less.  Tow truck Pompano beach  is not generally uppermost on people’s mind until they are involved in an accident or their vehicle breaks down and gratefully a towing service shows up.

Tow Truck Models

Tow trucks are available in different models, i.e., hook and chain, wheel-lift, dolly, repo and flatbed. There are different types of tow trucks based on the different types of vehicle tows. Flatbed tow trucks are the more popular vehicle on the road to rescue cars because of its design.


A flatbed simply lowers to hook up a car and raises to its original position with a car resting flat on top. The last invention in tow truck technology was the integrated lift which can be operated from inside the truck and uses hydraulic power. To lift and tow vehicles, hydraulic power is definitely needed.


Wireless Remote Control Tow Truck

Modern technology is now available for the tow truck industry. One advancement is a wireless remote control system for tow trucks. It is called the Control All Wireless Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control System.


Wireless controls can operate a tow truck’s primary warning lights, tow lights, bed controls and winches remotely. The remote wireless features also helps with the latching functions, such as lifting or moving the jib, then pressing a button on the remote to release the moving functions.


The Hooker Hitch Technology

Another technological advancement for the towing service industry is called the “Hooker Hitch,” which keeps trailers better secured to the vehicles. The Hooker Hitch is a newer inventions because it is designed with 100% accuracy to prevent a trailer from accidentally become disconnected to a tow truck. Whatever vehicle, including a boat, is hitched strongly and safely, so that it does not become unhitched while traveling. Contact here